Certified for the highest level of feed safety


H-pro® and H-oil® originate from by-products of farmed salmon slaughtered for human consumption. This is an advantage, which ensures full traceability and a guarantee, that our products do not contain undesirable substances exceeding limit values set by the EU. This is also validated by analyses of the end products.

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As a result of the acid hydrolysis H-pro® contains formic acid which, in combination with a low pH-value, ensures a stable and safe hygienic product.

Hordafor has strict quality requirements of the raw material used in the production, which, from batch to batch, ensures a high and stable quality in the end products.

One of Hordafor's main objectives is to supply safe feed. The company has therefore implemented a HACCP system which, since 2002, is certified in accordance with the Dutch GMP+ standard used in the feed industry.

Hordafor aims to be a reliable partner for all our customers and to provide a high quality of service. Fast and accurate delivery is also one of our quality marks.


GMP+: Hordafor is GMP+ certified and works continuously to ensure quality throughout the entire value chain.