Highly palatable and digestible feed ingredient

H-pro® is a palatable salmon protein hydrolysate produced by acid hydrolysis of fresh by-products from farmed salmon slaughtered for human consumption.

During this process, the fish enzymes, hydrolyses the fish tissue into highly digestible peptides and free amino acids. The product is further processed into a stable end-product, H-pro®.

H-pro® has been tested as a protein source for piglets in a trial at Aarhus University Research Centre, Foulum. Piglets fed diets with H-pro® showed significantly higher feed intake and growth when compared with piglets fed diets with a commercial soya protein concentrate.

Biological properties

Hydrolysed protein in the form of small peptides and free amino acids

Protein digestibility 98-100%

Peptides < 1000 Da: ~ 80%    

Technical properties
Liquid with a viscosity of 50 mPa at 17°C
Density (weight per unit volume (kg/L): 1.17

Nutritional benefits:

  • Pleasant flavour
  • High protein digestibility

Positive impact on pellet quality:

  • Stronger and more compact pellets
  • Less dust
  • More  and smaller pores in pellets which are extruded – resulting in increased fat absorption

GMP+: Hordafor is GMP+ certified and works continuously to ensure quality throughout the entire value chain.