Fast and efficient delivery


We are able to handle everything from small volumes to larger scale of supplies. Our customers in Denmark, Sweden and northern Germany receive supplies transported by Hordafor DK's own tanker which, by virtue of the car's compartments, can handle small deliveries of 5 tons to larger parties of around 30 tons.

If we require additional road transport, we make use of GMP+ certified partners. Delivery of major orders is sent by the company's own ships which can carry volumes ranging from 650 tons to 2,700 tons.

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Thanks to Hordafor DK's highly experienced and service-minded employees, central storage facilities in the Nordic countries and Europe and our own specialized vessels, we can guarantee safe handling of our products; H-pro® and H-oil®. By-products are collected from salmon slaughterhouses along the coast of Norway and transported to our facility on the island of Austevold, where all production takes place. From there, the products are transported to our storage facilities, ready for dispatch to our customers 

Our close cooperation with external, professional transport companies ensures a high level of reliable delivery in addition to a fast and efficient response rate.


GMP+: Hordafor is GMP+ certified and works continuously to ensure quality throughout the entire value chain.